Friday, March 13, 2020

12:30pm Junior & Elite Swim Familiarization

1:15pm Paratriathlete Swim Familiarization

2:00pm Youth Elite Swim Familiarization

2:30pm Junior & Elite Bike Familiarization

3:00pm Paratriathlete Bike Familiarization

4:00pm Junior Elite Athlete Briefing

5:00pm Para Athlete Briefing

6:00pm Elite Athlete Briefing

Saturday, March 14, 2020

7:15am Junior Female

9:00am Junior Male

10:45am Elite Female

12:30am Elite Male

1:45pm Junior/Elite Awards Ceremony

2:20pm PTS5-M

2:35pm PTVI1-M/W

2:38pm PTVI2/3-M

2:38pm PTVI2/3-W

2:45pm PTS2/3/4-M

2:55pm PTS3/4/5-W

3:00pm PTS2-W

3:45pm PTWC1-M/W

3:48pm PTWC2-M

3:49pm PTWC2-W

5:00pm Youth Elite Briefing

Sunday, March 15, 2020

8:15am Youth Elite Cup Women

9:00am Youth Elite Cup Men

10:30am Age Group Non-Draft Race (Men and Women – all ages) along with the Florida Collegiate Triathlon Conference Race